A little summer music on the Largo

poster of the exhibition

Valeri Tsenov, Harmony

Galina Chuntova,

Valeri Tsenov, Asterisk

„Chanson – Valeri Tsenov“, 22 June – 05 July, vernissage 23 June
„Jazz – Tsanko Tsankov“, 06 July – 19 July, vernissage 06 July
„Ragtime – Galina Chuntova“, 20 July – 02 August, vernissage 20 July

Summer came in Largo Art Gallery, bringing a lot of paintings, music and good vibes. From June 22nd to August 2nd we are going to test a new formula of presenting artists - a collective exhibition “3 in 1”. Within the exhibition, named “A little summer music on the Largo”, we are going to present in three two- week periods three artists: Valeri Tsenov, Tsanko Tsankov and Galina Chuntova.

The art exhibition is called “A little summer music on the Largo” because the two art forms- music and painting are deeply connected. A lot of times in the history of art music was an inspiration for the creation of a visual work or the work of an artist touched the most tender strings in the heart of a composer or a musician.  And it’s no coincidence that we, at Largo Gallery, often took the opportunity to link the presentation of an artist’s exhibition with the music that best harmonizes with his artworks and style. And this is one of those times.
During each of the three parts of the exhibition
we will present an artist and a musical form that we think fits his paintings.


The first part of the trilogy- an exhibition of Valeri Tsenov’s paintings, we called “Chanson”, because the beautiful, melodic, sensual French chansons harmonize with the works of the artist, depicting the female beauty, full of symbolism and rich, exquisite color palette. All of the characters in Valeri’s paintings can make you feel excited and dreamy, feelings that are best experienced in a warm, sensual summer night, under the seductive linden aroma.

You can see the first part of the exhibition with the participation of Valeri Tsenov from June 22nd to July 5th.


“Jazz” is the name of the second part of the exhibition, in which we will present to you Tsanko Tsankov, combining his works with the performances of famous jazzmen. It’s known that in the 20s and 30s of the last century, jazz meets the persistent resistance of the older generation, which saw it as a threat to traditional values. Jazz is free, rebellious and provocative and so are Tsanko’s paintings. Scandalous, unexpected, challenging- the ten large-format paintings will cause a wave of interest and maybe even misunderstanding, denial, outrage. But isn’t this exactly what the power of art is about - overcoming barriers and destroying walls? And that is why we will illustrate the exhibition of the artist from Varna in a hot and steamy summer night with the smell of passion and heavy perfume and bodies, swinging in the rhythm of jazz melody.

You can see the second part of the exhibition with the participation of Tsanko Tsankov from 6- 19 of July.


In the third and final part of the exhibition in gallery Largo we will experience “Ragtime”- a presentation of the paintings of the artist from Sofia - Galina Chuntova.  Ragtime originates in the southern states of America, but migrates to the north, following the great migration of the dark-skinned population to the large and rich northern cities. That’s why this genre of music is a symbol of movement and it’s loaded with lots of energy and joy - just like Galina’s paintings.
The artist presents a series of six artworks, done with the rarely seen in the galleries technique- serigraphy. Main “characters” in these paintings are the summer clothes and all of them seem to “swim” in the sea or fly in the sky, loading the pictures with ease, playfulness and summer vibes.
Galia did not suspect the invitation for an exhibition from gallery Largo as she painted these works, but it feels like she created them exactly for this show by the sea. As if she peered into the future in a way that only artists and writers can. And as we look at the pictures, the rhythm of Ragtime will sound, enhancing their influence on the viewer. In one of the works we will find, again "accidentally" painted, one of the hats that bring ragtime musicians playing in the night locals at the beginning of the last century.

But, is there really anything “accidental” in this world?

The third part of the exhibition with the participation of Galina Chuntova is from July 20
th to August 2nd.

We’re expecting to see you at the three vernissages of the exhibition “A little night music on the Largo”: June 23rd with the paintings of Valeri Tsenov, on July 6th with the paintings of Tsanko Tsankov and on July 20th with the works of Galina Chuntova.
Vernissages are from 14 to 18 hours.

Nelly Valcheva,

Director at Largo Art Gallery